What prep work is required before painting?

Wash and thoroughly dry the car with either our Dr Color Prep cleaning agent or rubbing alcohol. If you have visible remnants of wax in the chips, remove it with a little rubbing alcohol or mineral spirits on a soft cloth. Don’t scrub! Otherwise, a clean dry surface is all you need. The area to be repaired must be completely dry prior to touchup repairs being performed. 

Does the paint provide a permanent repair?

Yes, as far as we’ve tested. Eight years is the longest repair we’ve monitored (a chip repair), and it looks the same as it did the day it was applied. Most touch-up paints shrink up over time after they’ve dried and cured. Our paint does not shrink. It should remain the same as it appears after application for years to come.

What is the proper procedure for detailing with Dr. ColorChip paint?

Wash & dry the vehicle. Do any “hard” detailing first, like wet-sanding, compounding and buffing. Then use our paint. Follow up with standard waxing a week later. Refrain from using a circular buffing wheel and wool pad for at least 30 days. We suggest using a random-orbit buffer with a foam pad and quality compound at all times for the best, swirl-free results (rather than the circular buffer and wool pad.)

Is my paint mixed fresh upon order?

Yes. All paint is mixed to OEM specifications using the color-code you provide with your order, ensuring your paint is as fresh as it can be. Plus, with thousands of color codes on the market, we couldn’t possibly inventory them all.

What's the shelf life of Dr. ColorChip products?

Paint shelf life is approximately 1 year. Sealact shelf life is approximately 3 years. Store in a dark, dry, cool place. For optimal shelf life, shake the bottle every now and then. If your paint becomes thick, you can add a few drops of acetone to thin the paint. 

What are the best temperatures for applying the paint?

We suggest temps above freezing for best results.

Are the demo photos on the website altered in any way?

No. What you see is the final product. Photos do not show every minute detail of course. Upon close inspection in person, some repaired chips will be visible when looking for them, but standing a few feet from the vehicle they shouldn’t be noticeable.

Can I use just the paint or blending solution alone or with other products?

The paint included in your Dr. Colorchip repair kit is not regular touch-up paint and is made to work with the SealAct solution, but may be used alone. Feel free to order just the paint if you plan on applying it and leaving it as is.

The SealAct blending solution is a proprietary product developed to work with our paint only. It will not work with regular touch-up paint. Best results are achieved using our touch-up paint and SealAct blending solution as directed in the repair kit instructions.


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