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Be Your Own Boss!

For those who are tired of working for someone else, sick of the corporate world, hospitality industry, or just not making enough money, the mobile Dr ColorChip™ Paint Chip Repair System provides a way out! We’ll show you how to get your own business started quickly and easily, with a profit stream generated in just the first week of operation- no kidding. With our technologically advanced automotive paint touch-up system, you will have the ability to run your own business from home, schedule your work week as you like, and best of all, make more money in fewer hours than you would being stuck in a typical 40-hour work week.


Our paint touch-up system has proven results that have so far enabled over 500+ individuals from all walks of life, education and experience to build successful, profitable businesses. Many commercial customers have purchased additional systems to expand their market dominance and income potential. The most impressive part is that most of them have heard about and purchased the system by word-of-mouth. It’s hard to get better referrals than from those who are already reaping the benefits of using this proprietary product!


Mobile techs make the majority of their money servicing the used car dealerships in their own communities. Auto auctions, used car brokers, rental & leasing companies, and even small mom and pop dealers are all excellent sources of income as well. Accounts are obtained by a simple free demonstration for the used car manager, GM or owner. Once they see what a dramatic difference the system can make on typical stone chip damage, most mangers quickly ask the mobile tech to return on a weekly basis to touch up all their used cars. With just a few good accounts, they’re well on their way to making good money. Auto resellers all need and use this type of service to sell more cars! Someone is doing this work for them- why not you?


No experience required whatsoever! If you’re able to present a professional image, look a person in the eye when speaking, manage your time, and show up each week, you’re in the game. Throw in a good work ethic, a little sales ability & some hustle in your step and you’re well on your way to success. Understanding this business takes only a week or two. Learning to use the paint system to create dramatic repairs takes only a day or two. We made that part of it easy!


No to both. All the equipment you will need is provided with the paint system. If you’d like to buy other items or tools to expand your business into other areas such as detailing, we can recommend some products to help you do so. Mini-vans, SUV’s and light duty trucks are all the preferred vehicles to work from, but most family sedans or hatchbacks with some space in the trunk will serve the purpose just fine. You won’t have the need for electricity either, so there’s no need to worry about making space for portable power sources like most other touch-up technicians require.


One of the benefits of our system is that it can generate substantial income on a full-time OR part-time basis. This allows those who can only work part-time to still make more money than working a 40-hour work week. Single mothers or parents with children in school that can get away for a few hours and/or a few days a week still make great money in that short period. For college students with some time between classes or those that attend part time, the system offers a huge opportunity to generate additional income, especially compared to other work options. Retired folks can pad their wallets a little more working just a few days a week as well, not to mention finding a good reason to get out of the house. Firefighters, police officers, nurses and others who work in related fields with long shifts followed by a day or two off would also make great candidates to reap the financial rewards of working on a part-time basis without cramping their freedom. The Dr ColorChip™ Paint Chip Repair System can be very successful in enabling part-timers to make a full-time income without all the hours!


Below is a simple model illustrating the income possibilities using the Dr ColorChip™ Paint Chip Repair System on both part-time and full-time schedules. It’s up to each tech to determine how much income they will actually produce, but this model gives a pretty good ballpark estimation based on the number of cars and price per car.

We use the rate of $75/car repaired for simplicity. That figure may be slightly lower, or more likely, slightly higher for some regions. The figures of 10, 15 and 20 cars/week represent a realistic income potential for part-time work. Keep in mind that it’s generally pretty easy to repair 2 or 3 cars per hour- sometimes more, sometimes less- but that’s a predictable average. Also consider the fact that it’s not hard to repair 10 or more cars per day at some accounts! Our personal best is 26 in one day- 6 hours.

Cars per Week Weekly Sales Annual Sales
10 $750 $39,000
15 $1125 $58,500
20 $1500 $78,000
25 $1875 $97,500
30 $2250 $117,000
40 $3000 $156,000


We provide training and marketing materials to help ensure your success. We  offer free training at our location with any commercial system. Generally it only takes a day of hands-on experience to understand the basic principles of how the Dr ColorChip™ Paint Chip Repair System works. There will always be something new you’ll learn on your own, but we make sure you have the core techniques before turning you loose on the street. In addition to teaching you how to use the system in the most effiicient manner, we can help you with other aspects of running your own business, including getting the proper licenses, insurance needs, how to schedule demos and your work week, sales techniques, business etiquette and lingo, methods used by competitors, and how to effectively use your contacts and other vendors to promote your own company. 

You’ll also receive a Dr ColorChip™ company manual that covers all these issues and more, including supply ordering procedures and how to maintain your paint system properly. If there’s an issue we haven’t covered, we’re available by phone to help you through a situation or answer any questions. We realize free ongoing support is important, and we’re committed to being there for you when you need us.


As new car colors come into fashion, we continue to update our color inventories and make them available. Now and then, we will produce a dozen or so new colors at once and offer them at reduced pricing. This enables everyone to maintain their paint systems at optimal production levels in a cost-effective manner. We also have the ability to produce custom colors for those who need that unique shade of chartreuse or oddball hue of blazing yellow-violet every now and then. With a gazillion car colors out there, we understand that although these times will be rare, there will always be that car one car you’ll see over and over that requires a special paint produced just for it only.


Most of our commercial customers have no problem generating sales that EXCEED the purchase price in two months or less. Try finding another start-up business that allows you to pay it off that fast!

Full System Purchase Price : $2500 – $7500

30 Color Commercial System

80 Color Commercial System

100 Color Mobile System

130 Color Commercial System



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