Demonstrations, Third-Party, & TV Commercial Videos

Dr. ColorChip™ Demonstrations

Squirt ‘N Squeegee™

Chipped Hood Squeegee Repair Demonstration

Squirt ‘N Squeegee™

Bumper repair demonstration.

Keepum Bright

Headlight restoration demonstration.

3rd Party Demonstrations

How to Fix Stone Chips on your Car with PRO Results/Permenant Repairs

Correcting a paint chip on the BMW i8 with Dr. ColorChip

Car Stuff by That Cute Ginger

I was skeptical how well it would really work and this product greatly exceeded all of my expectations. My daughter even did a great demo of the product with some amazing before and after photos.

Renny Doyle on Dr. ColorChip

How To Fix Rock Chips with Dr. Color Chip™!

Dr.Colorchip™ Paint system by Quinn The Eskimo

No one does paint chip repair better. I’ve worked on some of the most expensive cars in the world – everything from some of the rarest Porsches and fastest Ferraris to your every day drivers.

Repairing Paint Chips On A BMW Or MINI

In this DIY How-To video we’ll show you how easy it is to repair minor paint chips and damage on your BMW or MINI. We’ll use the BMW and MINI touch-up paint, Paint Chip Repair Kit, Dr. Color Chip Road Rash Kit and Wurth Sanding Pen to fill and finish large chips to areas of hundreds of small chips.

Garry Dean on DrColorChip™


Dr. ColorChip™ Basic Kit

Dr. ColorChip™ Road Rash Kit

Dr. ColorChip™ Squirt N Squeegee Plus Kit

Dr. ColorChip™ KeepUm Bright Headlight Restoration 

Demonstrations with Detailing Guru Mike Philips

Dr. ColorChip™ Rock Chip Repair System – High Profit Business Opportunity

How to start your own business with the Dr. ColorChip™ Rock Chip Repair System

Dr. ColorChip™ Shoe Polish Technique – For fixing multiple rock chips and road rash

Dr. ColorChip™ – Techniques for repairing paint chips on edges

How to use the Dr. ColorChip™ System to fix rock chips on your car!


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