White Pearl

Dr. ColorChip paint chip repair photo on white pearl cars

Here is another case of Road Rash on a white pearl car. We’ve included a mid-stage photo showing the touch up paint applied to the paint chips in addition to the before and after shots.

As you can see from the middle shot, there’s no precision painting needed. Simply smear it on the chips.

BEFORE (click on photo to enlarge and see chips)



The photo set below shows the pearl white RAV4 from the main photo page with three chips circled to point out the repair. The sun was behind the clouds in the ‘before’ shot, so the pearl effect on the vehicle is hard to see. We wanted to better illustrate it’s the same car for the skeptics who may think we’ve pulled a fast one and used a different car for the ‘after’ shot.

All our photos are real, taken by amateurs. With the sun moving in and out of the clouds, the lighting can have an effect on the color of the car as you may see in some of our other photos.

But there’s no editing or funny business here. What you see is what you get.


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